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Zack Kline

Fiddle Instructor

Zack Kline is a fiddler, composer and teacher, and loves all 3 equally. As a teenager he became involved with the Bluegrass scene in Colorado and soon found himself playing with bands all around the area. College brought exploration into Celtic music, Jazz and composing. Since then he has started his own “chamber fiddle” band The Orange Mighty Trio, performed regularly with Irish singer Katie McMahon, and has been writing music for film/tv on the side. As an instructor, he focuses on finding the details that take a tune from basic to exciting, and on developing the skills for making it your own. He feels that a musician can look backward to the deep traditions of the past and forward to the most current evolutions and draw from both. Perhaps then our music can be personal and traditional at the same time.

Did you know?

Zack once jammed with Mongolian musicians on the Swan Theme from Carnival of the Animals in their yurt which they had brought to Vienna.  

Zack Kline
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