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Age & Ability Requirements


Students need to be at least nine years old, however, we do make some exceptions for younger students who have a lot of experience and maturity. Please contact us if you think your child might qualify.

About 20% of our students are adults and are comfortable in an environment with a lot of kid energy.


As much as we’d like to, Fiddle Pal Camp can’t accommodate absolute beginners at an instrument. Please read minimum ability requirements for each instrument below.

Violin, Viola and Cello

Violin students are grouped by ability into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. At minimum, students must be able to play tunes from the middle of American Fiddle Method Volume 1, Suzuki Book 1, or have a year of private lessons or school orchestra.

Viola and cello students are grouped in the fiddle classes with violins. They should be comfortable with extensions and transposing and should be at a minimum playing at the end of American Fiddle Method Volume 1 for Cello or Viola, Suzuki Book 3, or three years of private lessons or school orchestra. Because of the extensions and the physical challenges with playing tunes in fiddle keys (key of A for example), it’s recommended that cellists and violists register for a class that’s on the easier side. One can always change if a class seems too easy or difficult.

Guitar and Mandolin

Students must have a minimum of one year study on the instrument and should be able to play some tunes and some chords well. Guitar and mandolin players will need a flat pick, a strap, and a capo.

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