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Danielle Enblom

Fiddle Instructor

Danielle is a dancer, fiddler, and enthochoreologist (dance anthropologist). She grew up steeped in Irish music and dance, and has family connections to Métis and Quebecois dance and fiddle traditions. Danielle is an Irish step-dancer, and a sean-nós (old-style) dancer. She specializes in the old, regional Irish dance master traditions and styles, and their relationship to European and North American dance practices. 

Danielle grew up immersed in the world of Irish music and dance. She holds a Diploma in Traditional Irish Music from University College Cork, and an MA in Ethnochoreolgy (dance research), and has training in Waldorf education. Danielle currently teaches Irish fiddle at the Center for Irish Music in St. Paul, MN, and tours with two groups based in New York, Steptune and The Bad Neighbours Rhythm Project. Her passion for playing, studying, and sharing music and traditions is embodied in her latest project, the Tradicle Podcast, which explores the world of music made for dancing, and dance that makes music.

Danielle Enblom
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